Tenzing TZ TV18 Turkey Vest: The Turkey Hunter’s Tool Bag


The Tenzing TZ TV18 helps you stay organized with all your turkey gear this spring.

He may not look like much, but well-traveled hunters agree that the North American wild turkey can be one of the world’s toughest animals to harvest.

From the time he’s hatched, the wild turkey is a target for predators. As a result, he’s equipped with unique defenses to stymie his foes…not the least of which are the two-legged variety clad in camouflage. His powerful legs can sprint at 25 miles per hour. His telescopic eyesight has a 270-degree field of view and is unmatched in the natural world; give a turkey the chance and he’ll see a hunter blink at 100 yards. To make matters even more challenging, turkeys are social creatures that seldom feed or travel alone, so turkey hunters must often contend with multiple sets of these incredible eyes.

The bottom line? Turkey hunters need every tool and every advantage they can get.

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Do you have the right tools to bag your bird this spring?


Tenzing Outdoors is known for building hunting packs that give every hunter his or her best chance for success. They carry the tools hunters need to the places they need them, and do it better than anything else out there. Turkey hunters are gear fanatics by definition, requiring a full arsenal of calls, camo, decoys and other tools to fool one of the world’s wariest game animals. Nothing gives the turkey hunter a bigger advantage in this war of wile than Tenzing’s new TZ TV18 Turkey Vest. It’s the ultimate turkey-hunting tool bag.

tenzing tz tv18 turkey vest
Tenzing TZ TV18 Vest


Weighing in at a trim three pounds, the new Tenzing TZ TV18 turkey vest fits like a pack, courtesy of fully adjustable pack-style shoulder straps, which ensure a comfortable fit against any hunter’s torso. A high-performance air-mesh back panel lends additional comfort while walking, running, crawling or sitting on the integral, fold-down dual-layer foam seat. The seat cushion deploys and stows fast and reliably using integral straps and HDPE quick-release hardware.

Once seated, turkey hunters can call ‘em close or wait ‘em out with a minimal movement, as the Tenzing TZ TV18 turkey vest is engineered for complete comfort while placing every turkey-hunting tool within easy reach. A multi-layer design helps the vest keep its form, while gear stays organized, silent and readily accessible in a network of specialized pockets, including dedicated pockets and compartments for box calls, pots, strikers, diaphragm calls, shells and more. A total capacity of 2500 cubic inches ensures ample space inside for bulkier items like decoys, snacks, cameras and water bottles. The TZ TV18’s pair of perfectly positioned handwarmer pockets is a welcomed luxury on chilly mornings, and there’s even a special compartment offering fast access to the hunter’s phone.  The TZ TV18 is available in Realtree Edge or Mossy Oak Obsession, providing critical defense against a gobbler’s supernatural eyesight in any environment.

The versatile Tenzing TZ TV18 Turkey Vest does its job to make sure you can do yours. When your bird is down, pack him out in the TZ TV18’s extra-large turkey pocket. A carefully designed easy-access opening allows hunters to load even the largest of trophy toms without damage to all those beautiful feathers.

Tenzing TZ TV18 Turkey Vest Features

  • Multi-layer design keeps its form making easy access of calls and accessories
  • High-performance air-mesh back panel and shoulder straps for superior comfort and breathability
  • Dual-layer foam seat provides soft cushioning and support
  • Unique quick-tack striker pockets provide easy access and secure storage for 3 strikers
  • Dual pot call compartments holds up to 4 calls
  • Angled box call pocket for easy access
  • Zippered front compartment with 7 shot shell loops
  • Large left & right zippered hand-warmer pockets with lots of room for storing larger items
  • 5 Interior mesh zippered pockets with specialized phone compartment for easy access
  • Extra-large turkey compartment with easy access opening allows you to carefully insert your bird without damage

Tenzing TZ TV18 Turkey Vest Specifications

  • 2500 total cubic inches
  • 3 lbs. total weight
  • Main Back Pocket: 22″ x 13″ x 9“
  • Hand Warmer Pockets (2): 12” x 10” x 2”
  • Box Call Pocket: 8” x 2.5” x 2”
  • Zipper Shot Shell Pocket: 8” x 4.5” x 1.5”
  • Striker Pockets (3): 8” x 1” x 1”
  • Slate Call Pockets (Holds 2 each): 4” x 4” x 2.5”
  • Seat Dimensions: 12” x 13.5” x 2.5”
  • Available in Realtree Edge (SKU #TNZBP3002) or Mossy Oak Obsession (SKU #TNZBP3003)

www.tenzingoutdoors.com   /  $129.99

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