Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves


One of the things I love about turkey hunting is that we don’t seem to get hung up on trophy hunting when it comes to chasing gobblers. A 2-year-old turkey is fair game every time he walks in. Rarely will you hear a turkey hunter say, “Oh, his beard is just not big enough,” or “His spurs are kinda small…I’m gonna give him another year.” But every once in a while you do come across a true trophy turkey. It’ll be a bird that you find yourself asking, “How long are those spurs!?!?” Well, now there’s a way to quickly and easily measure the spur length of your turkey. Meet the Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves. They are gloves designed to make life better in the turkey woods this spring. Best yet, they allow you to measure your turkey’s spurs immediately in the field.

Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves

The Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves not only help you hunt better, but they let you know the outcome of those hunting efforts right in the field.  There are a number of “basic” hunting gloves made of varying fabrics, but none of them were engineered to this degree for hardcore turkey hunting.

Other features of the Shocker glove that turkey hunters will really love include, easy to reach diaphragm pockets located on top of glove, lightweight, breathable stretch fabric for custom fit, turkey track silicone pattern on palm for superior grip, and touch screen finger-tip design.

The gloves feature Mossy Oak Obsession, the official camo pattern of the National Wild Turkey Federation. It’s one of the most popular camo patterns you’ll ever find in the spring turkey woods with its mottled tree bark inspired by the original Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern, true-to-nature elements of limbs, pine and oak foliage, and lifelike color tones to match the turkey woods in spring and early fall.

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