Rinehart Targets Releases New Line of Turkey Decoys

Premium archery target manufacturer Rinehart Targets® has expanded its popular Doloma Decoy series with the introduction of three new hand-painted turkey decoys that combine life-like detail with incredible durability to create the ultimate set up. These three new Rinehart Doloma turkey decoys — the Strutter Tom Decoy, the Jake Decoy and the Hen Decoy — give hunters the competitive advantage to bag more birds this spring.

Rinehart turkey decoys“We pride ourselves in developing the most realistic and durable archery targets and decoys available to hunters,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “We knew with our capabilities, we could create the ultimate turkey hunting decoys on the market today. We achieved that goal by expanding the Doloma Series with the new-for-2018 Turkey decoys. Hand crafted from exacting sculptures with every detail accounted for, these decoys are so life-like that they may just be the last decoys you’ll ever need for season-after-season of success.”

The new Doloma Turkey series incorporates three decoy models. The first in the lineup is a Strutter Tom Decoy that stands 27-inches tall and is 20-inches long. The Rinehart Strutter Tom also features a removable fan equipped with a handle grip, which can be used separately for stalk hunts. Next in the series is the alert Jake Decoy which stands 22-inches tall and is 31-inches long. His posture is sure to bring the boss tom a running. Rounding out the group is the new Hen Decoy, which is posed in a relaxed posture and is 16-inches tall and 30-inches long.

Use them singularly, or in groups to convince even the most call-shy birds. The Hen and Jake Decoys are available as a Decoy Combo pack for extra savings. All three Turkey Decoys come with a safety orange carry bag for easy transport in and out of the field.

The Doloma Series Decoys are made from Rinehart’s exclusive Quiet Foam. This UV-resistant foam is the ultimate in noise reduction, making carrying and setting up these decoys a silent process. Perfect for sneaking in on roosting birds for a morning hunt. Being lightweight, these decoys move with the slightest of breezes, offering the added advantage of just the right amount of life-like action to really draw that tom in close.

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