Winners of the 2019 NWTF Grand National Calling Championships

The NWTF Grand National Calling Championships are pretty much the Super Bowl of the turkey calling world. It’s the most prestigious turkey calling event of the year, and callers from across the country annually make the trip to the convention in pursuit of the prize.

Callers of all ages compete for more than $25,000 in cash and prizes in eight divisions. Competitions are held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The best callers in the world use natural voices, latex mouth calls, pot and peg friction calls, box calls, owl hooting tubes and more to yelp, cluck, putt, gobble and hoot their way to the top spot on stage. Top callers in each category are among the most realistic sounding callers to ever play the game. Just close your eyes while listening to them call, and you’ll swear you were listening to a live hen.

Callers of all ages compete for the prize at the NWTF Grand National Calling Championships.

The NWTF GNCC is sponsored by Avian-XZink Calls and Mossy Oak.

Here’s a look at how this year’s contest went down and the winners from each division in the 2019 NWTF Grand National Calling Championships.

GNCC Owl Hooting Championship

Winner: Kaleb Payton, Central City, KY – 237.5 (Call-off 241) 1st Runner up: Shane Simpson, White Bear Lake, MN – 237.5 (Call-off 239.5) 2nd Runner up: James Harrison, Hillsboro, MO – 237 3rd Runner up: Scott Elllis, Mulberry, FL – 232 (Call-off 238.5) 4th Runner up: Steve Morgenstern, Kirksville, MO – 232 (Call-off 235.5)

Hootin’, gobblin’, cutting and yelping, you’ll hear it all at the GNCC.

GNCC Gobbling Championship

Winner: Kerry Elliott, Paris, KY – 235.5 (Call-off 238.5) 1st Runner up: Terry Durham, Mulberry, AR – 235.5 (Call-off 236.5) 2nd Runner up: Mitchell Johnston, Purlear, NC – 233.5 3rd Runner up: Phil Salzano, Pittsford, VT – 232.5 4th Runner up: Zachary Garnes, Chambersburg, PA – 231 (Call-off 236)

GNCC Team Air & Friction Challenge

Winner: Terence Williamson, Gordo, AL & Hunter Wallis ,Greenfield Township, PA – 555.5 (Call-off 559) 1st Runner up: Matthew VanCise, Brookville, PA & Pat Strawser, Millenburg, PA – 555.5 (Call-ff 556.5) 2nd Runner up: Joe Blomes, Pacific, MO & Bruce Saale, Maure Pas, LA – 554.5

GNCC Friction Championship

Winner: Matthew VanCise, Brookville, PA – 466 1st Runner up: Dylan Bearden, Reidsville, NC – 456 2nd Runner up: Steve Morgenstern, Kirksville, MO – 454.5 3rd Runner up: Pat Strawser, Millersburg, PA – 452.5 4th Runner up: Dustin Jones, Beaver, OH – 451

GNCC Senior Division Championship

Winner: Jesse Martin, Mt. Sterling, KY – 757 1st Runner up: Josh Grossenbacher, Sandusky, OH – 747.5 2nd Runner up: Craig Wolfe, Auburn, AL – 745 3rd Runner up: Wayne Dozier, Dickinson, AL – 743 4th Runner up: Dave Owens, Acworth, GA – 713

2019 nwtf grand national calling championships - contest-champs
The top 5 in the Senior Division wait to hear who the champion will be.

Youth – 2019 NWTF Grand National Calling Championships

GNCC Poult Division Championship (10 and under)

Winner: Bo Bartlebaugh, Armagh, PA – 361.5 1st Runner up: Ethan Jones, Beaver, OH – 359.5 2nd Runner up: Payton Hewitt, Carrollton, AL – 345.5 3rd Runner up: Ford Hewitt, Carrollton, AL – 342.5 4th Runner up: Brooke Simpson, White Bear Lake, MN – 328.6

GNCC Junior Division Championship (11 to 15)

Winner: Gracie Herman, Hoskins, NE – 358 1st Runner up: Lucas Baker, Heath Springs, SC – 354.5 2nd Runner up: Colby Butler, Dorset, VT – 350.5 3rd Runner up: Chase Roberts, Cape Girardeau, MO – 348 4th Runner up: Trevor Sheaffer, Richfield, PA – 346.5

GNCC Intermediate Division Championship (16 to 20)

Winner: Dylan Gunter, Pontotoc, MS – 364 1st Runner up: Matthew Presley, Front Royal,VA – 357.5 2nd Runner up: Dakota Chamberlain, Claysburg, PA – 353 3rd Runner up: Haylee Newell, Dawson, PA – 350 4th Runner up: Corey Chamberlain, Claysburg, PA – 345.5

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