How to Make a Turkey Tube Call

by Brodie Swisher

We recently released our Turkey Vest Dump video to show and share some of the gear that we carry to the turkey woods each spring. If you missed it, check it out at the end of this post. Among that gear was a turkey tube call that I use to gobble with. I get a lot of questions regarding this call. What is it? Who makes it? How do you make it work? So I figured it was time to share a closer look at the call through a video blog and give turkey hunters some insight on how to make a turkey tube call they can use to make a medley of turkey sounds with to bring more birds within range this season.

Here’s how to make it happen…

As you can see in the video above, the process is really quick and simple. You can honestly make this call in less than minute once you’ve figured out what you’re doing. A plastic film canister and latex balloon are all that is needed for a really good sounding gobble.

Just the basics. A 35mm film canister, a party balloon, and knife or scissors is all that you need to get started.
Use a knife or other cutting tool to cut out the bottom of the canister. You basically want to create a hollow tube to blow air through.
Use scissors to cut out the “mouth piece” on the balloon. You’ll use this rubber ring to hold the balloon in place once stretched across the canister.
Here’s a look at the three basic parts used to make the turkey tube call. Now it’s time to put them together to complete the call.
Here’s a look at the finished call. You’ll have to experiment a bit with the tension on the reed/baffle to get just the right sound by stretching it tighter or loosening it up.

How to Make a Turkey Tube Call – Conclusion

As you can see, it’s a pretty quick and simple process to making what could be one of the deadliest turkey calls in your turkey vest this spring. Give it a try. It’ll take some practice to get the sound you want, but once you learn to master this one, you’ll have a call that is sure to grab the attention of other gobblers this spring.

Comment below and let us know if you’ve ever used the gobble sound when turkey hunting. What call do you use to make the gobble sound when hunting?

Be sure to check out our Turkey Vest Dump video below…


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