Do Turkeys Gobble in the Rain?

Spend enough time in turkey camp and you’ll hear a wide variety of myths and legends regarding the wild turkey. And just when you think you’ve heard them all, another one pops up somewhere along the way. But one I’ve heard more than a handful of times is that turkeys won’t gobble in the rain. I liken it to the theory that “deer don’t look up.” It’s an amusing theory, to say the least.

Hunt long enough, particularly in the rain, and you’ll discover that turkeys do in fact gobble in the rain. Need proof? Check out the video below for a closer look…

Gobbling in the Rain

The gobblers in the video above gobbled hard on the roost, despite the thunder, lightning, hard and soft rain. It didn’t seem to phase these birds one bit. And it didn’t stop once they flew down. They gobbled at the thunder, gobbled at my calls, and gobbled as they approached the decoys.

This old bird gobbled hard from the roost, as well as on the ground, even through a thunder storm.

Do turkeys gobble in the rain? Yes! Yes they do.

Best of luck to you this turkey season, rain or shine!

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