Turkey Hunting Hack: Best Way to Dry a Turkey Fan [Video]

When your turkey tag is punched, photos have been taken, and you head back to the house to begin the chores of preparing your bird for the freezer, as well as the wall, keep this one simple trick in mind for a super simple way to handle your bird. It truly is the best way to dry a turkey fan that will either go on the wall, or be used for a strutter decoy on future hunts. What’s the trick? This turkey hack simply uses a hanger to quickly and easily spread your bird’s tail feathers out for the drying process.

best way to dry a turkey fan- turkey-hack-fan
Looking for a simple way to dry your turkey fan to display on the wall or use as a strutter decoy? Check out the video below for a slick way to make it happen.

Say goodbye to having to round up a large piece of cardboard or plywood sheet to tack your bird to for the drying process. A simple hanger with clips will make the chore a cinch.

Follow these steps for the best way to dry a turkey fan…

  1. Remove tail fan from your bird.
  2. Trim meat and fat from the tail fan butt.
  3. Work Borax into remaining skin or meat for drying.
  4. Attach to hanger clips as seen in video below.
  5. Hang to dry for 4-5 weeks.

Watch how it works in this video….

We want to hear from you! What turkey hunting tips and tricks have you effectively used in the field, or at home, to make life easier? Comment below and let us know.

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