Best New Turkey Calls 2018

H.S. Strut Custom Craft Box Call ($29.99)

Hunter Specialties has been in the turkey hunting game for a long time. Their turkey hunting gear under the name, H.S. Strut, can be found in turkey vests across the country. Their products sound great and are priced right, making them a favorite among many turkey hunters each spring. The company introduced their Custom Craft Series of calls in the last year and this spring we’re highlighting the latest in the series, the Custom Craft Box Call. I pulled this call out of the package the other day for a demo and was immediatly impressed with the sounds it produced. It easily makes raspy yelps, excited cutts, and simple flydown cackles. The call is compact and light, easily tucking into your pocket or vest. It’s built on a blend of walnut and poplar woods for a killer sound quality that rivals many of the high-dollar custom box calls out there.

HS-Strut-Custom-Craft-Box Call
H.S. Custom Craft Box Call

Primos Drag Strip Turkey Call ($34.99)

The Primos Drag Strip is a modern version of an old school traditional call. The Drag Strip is made of CNC milled exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate. The design, with a built-in sound board and sound ports, fits perfectly in your hand to produce smooth yelps, purrs, clucks and cuts. It’s all topped off with laser engraving and a one piece CNC turned striker.

Primos Drag Strip

Knight & Hale Big Mama Pot Call ($29.99) 

The newest pot call from Knight and Hale features a poplar pot call utilizing Pennsylvania slate surface for smooth yelps, cutts, and purrs. Don’t let the name fool you, the Big Mama is compact in size, making it a great call for easy handling and packing in your pocket or turkey vest. Consistent sound quality and versatility come standard with this one. Best yet, it’s made in the USA.

Knight and Hale Big Mama Pot Call
Knight and Hale Big Mama Pot Call

FOXPRO Dagger Spur Pot Call

FOXPRO has long been known for making some of the best calls in the business when it comes to predator hunting. But the company also has you covered when it comes to turkeys as well. FOXPRO’s new Dagger Spur glass pot call was designed to be a two-in-one call that offers versatility and very realistic sound. The Dagger Spur is offered in glass over slate and comes with a two-piece purple heart striker. The Dagger Spur offers more bang for your buck, with a tip-over call design, meaning you are able to make a sound on each surface of the call. This gives you a slate call and a glass call all in one. The FOXPRO Dagger Spur is proudly made in the USA.

FOXPRO’s Dagger Spur Glass Turkey Call
FOXPRO Dagger Spur

Dead End Game Game Calls WorkZone Glass Call

Don’t be fooled, this is not just another plastic pot call. This is the call used to win the NC State Friction Calling Championship. It’s an incredibly realistic sounding call at a price that’s hard to beat. This glass call is assembled with a combination of superior adhesives to create one of the best sounding plastic pots on the market. It’s a super-easy call to use, making it great for beginners and veteran hunters alike.

Dead End WorkZone

Knight & Hale Smooth Operator Box Call ($29.99)

Knight & Hale has been making turkey calls longer than a lot of today’s turkey hunters have been alive. They know what they’re doing when it comes to making calls that sound like real turkeys. For 2018, they introduced their new Smooth Operator Box Call, a single-sided box call that produces some really great sounds. It features a poplar wood design with a thumb groove built in to help you easily make the cutting sounds of an excited hen. The call has the volume to be used as a locator box, but the easy handling to make it a great finisher call as well.

Knight-and-Hale Smooth Operator Box Call
Knight & Hale Smooth Operator

Primos Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call ($49.99)

The Tall Timber Gabriel is Primos’ premium box call, featuring double thumbholes on the box to allow easy and perfect clucks and cuts. The name is derived from a book written by Will’s good friend Charles Whittington. Mr. Whittington wrote about his turkey hunting exploits in 1971 in a book entitled, Tall Timber Gabriels. He affectionately called a gobbler “Old Gabriel” after an angel. Hence Tall Timber Gabriels because gobblers sing each spring from their tall timber perch sending out their love song for all to hear. This is a special call for the Primos crew. They’ve put all they know and cherish about the box call into this one. The choice of woods, the curves of the striking surfaces, the shape and cutouts of the sideboards as well as the finish to give hunters the finest instrument in reproducing the sounds that “Old Gabriel” so badly wants to hear.

Primos Tall Timber Gabriel

Primos Camo Mouth Calls ($13.95)

Primos has been making mouth calls for about as long as anybody out there. Will Primos changed the call making world forever with the ideas and concepts his company created for speaking the language of wild game. The company is still shaking things up these days with innovation in their call designs. One of the coolest changes in call design on display at this year’s NWTF show was the introduction of camo mouth calls. A quick look around the hunting community will confirm that pretty much every product looks better in camo. That’s why Primos took their mouth calls to another level with the introduction of Mossy Oak camo on their mouth calls for 2018. The camo patterns will be offered on a variety of the more popular calls from Primos this spring, with Mossy Oak Bottomland, Obsession, and Green Leaf patterns helping you organize and recognize your calls like never before.

Primos Mouth Calls

H.S. Strut Custom Craft Pan Call ($29.99)

Also in the Custom Craft Series from H.S. Strut is the Custom Craft Series Pan Call. This call produces some of the richest sounding calls you can take to the woods. The specially designed sound board and the American walnut pan resonates to project an authentic sound. The call includes a tuned H.S. Strut Wood Striker. The call comes in three options, slate, glass and aluminum. The slate version is especially good for soft purrs and clucks when you need to close the distance on a gobbler. The glass version lets you reach out and touch long distance turkeys with high-pitched sounds and great volume. The aluminum pot call is easy to play and very versatile, creating high-pitched yelps and soft purrs.

HS-Custom Craft Slate Pan Call
H.S. Custom Craft Pan Call

Woodhaven Ninja Hammer Mouth Call ($14.99)

The Ninja Hammer by Woodhaven is a 3 reed call designed with a brand new cut that offers a very unique turkey sound. The call will produce those raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as those high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turkey. The Ninja Green latex is very user friendly to blow while still offering lots of backbone in the call. From hard, crisp cutting, yelping and whistling, to those soft clucks, purrs, and whines, the Ninja Hammer offers today’s turkey hunters a very unique sound.

C:\Users\Editor\Pictures\Turkey Calls 2018\woodhaven-ninja-hammer.png
Woodhaven Ninja Hammer

Woodhaven Ninja Crystal ($124.99)

The new Ninja Crystal Pot Call from Woodhaven is built on a walnut pot with a yellowheart soundboard to offer a very true to life turkey sound. The call comes with two hand-matched strikers, one being the company’s new yellowheart/walnut “Ninja Stick,” and the other being hickory, giving the hunter the ability to sound like two different hens. The call was designed to produce great two-tone yelps, as well as great cutts, cackles and purrs.


Woodhaven Ninja Crystal

Flextone Lil’ Nasty and Lil’ Double Mouth Calls ($4.99)

Flextone has made the move to offer a better fitting call for the hunter that needs a smaller sized mouth call for a better fit. The Flextone Lil’ Nasty and the all-new Lil’ Double and Lil’ V are custom crafted for folks who are tired of stuffing a full-sized diaphragm into their mouths when there isn’t room for one. These new undersized diaphragm calls feature the same traditional cuts and reed configurations found in full-frame calls, but offer a more streamlined profile and compact design. Super easy to blow, these calls are perfect for women, youth or any turkey hunter with a smaller palate.

Flextone Mouth Calls

Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble ($17.99)

With the increasing availability of gobbler decoys on the market today, many hunters have started to use the illusion of turkey dominance to bag their trophy toms. But visible cues are only a part of trick. Flextone’s new Thunder Shaker Gobble call allows you to add the element of an audible as you lure birds within range of your gun or bow. No longer do you have to wait for that gobbler to see your strutter decoy, you can now tell him there is an intruder gobbler in his area with the Thunder Shaker. It’s one call that will often push him over the edge. It’s an easy call that most anyone can use. Just give it a shake and this simple-yet-effective call produces the sound of a gobbling turkey.

Flextone Thunder Gobble

Hook’s Bantam Box Call ($19.99)

The Bantam Box Call from Hook’s Custom Calls is a slick little box call designed to eliminate the hassle of chalking your box call. They’ve added a weather resistant coating to the call that allows for the same great sound, without the need to ever have to chalk the call. Each call is hand tuned for the best in quality sounds for spring. It’s a great addition to the lineup of quality calls from the guys at Hook’s.

Hook's Bantam Box Call

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