Avian-X Trophy Tom Pulls Double Duty

A longbeard approaching in full strut is one of the most exciting and memorable moments a hunter can experience. No matter how many times it happens, even veteran turkey hunters breath heavier and feel their hearts race when a lit-up gobbler waltzes in.

Without question, the wild turkey is one of nature’s most regal and beautiful birds, and you’d be hard pressed to find a successful turkey hunter who hasn’t had the desire to take their big tom to the taxidermist. But living the hunt over and over again with a full-size mount can present some serious obstacles.

avian-x trophy tom
The Avian-X Trophy Tom is a multi-purpose strutter decoy featuring life-like detail.

While some hunters enjoy ample space in their homes for a finished mount roughly the size of a kitchen stove, many don’t. Plus, the better half may not be thrilled by the prospect of such a magnificent decorative addition hogging up floor space or the better part of a wall. And then there’s the minor detail of the taxidermy bill. This conundrum has played out countless times within the walls of turkey hunter’s homes across North America, and often leaves the successful hunter feeling less than satisfied when all is said and done.

For these reasons, a lot of turkey tail fans collect dust and become bug-ridden after being pinned half-hazard to garage and shed walls. Similarly, paintbrush beards can end up tucked away in a drawer full of, well, paintbrushes.

Thankfully, the elite turkey hunters at Avian-X realize that this is is no way to treat the significant mementos from a successful hunt. As they so often do when adversity stares them directly in the face, they came up with a clever solution.

avian-x trophy tom
The decoy pulls double duty when not at work in the field.

The new Avian-X Trophy Tom addresses the primary challenges of space and expense associated with having a bird professionally mounted by a taxidermist. Molded in intricate detail and finished with a striking, true-to-life paint job, the Trophy Tom looks just like the real thing. The one-piece design holds the dried tail fan and the beard from any gobbler and is easily hung on the wall. Better yet, the Trophy Tom takes up little space, extending from the wall only slightly farther than a large, framed print. This means hunters can proudly, beautifully and easily display their trophy gobbler just about anywhere in their home or office.

The Avian-X Trophy Tom solves all kinds of problems. Sittin’ pretty on the wall one day and drawing the ire of dominant gobblers in the field the next, the Trophy Tom serves double-duty as the ultimate portable strutting decoy. The attached carry handle and included collapsible mounting stake make transportation and field use easy. Deploy the Trophy Tom whenever that all-important visual sign of dominance is needed. ​

See more on the lineup from Avian-X at www.avian-x.com.



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