Alps Long Spur Deluxe Turkey Vest

Everything you want and nothing you don’t, the Long Spur Deluxe turkey vest system from ALPS OutdoorZ lets you customize your gear-hauling needs the way you want it. The Long Spur Deluxe is a lightweight system designed for the kind of freedom-of-movement and modularity needed for fast-paced turkey hunting in any terrain.

Long Spur Deluxe_Long-Spur-Deluxe-Obsession-2019 (1)
Long Spur Deluxe Vest

The Long Spur Deluxe Turkey Vest system builds on a fully adjustable shoulder harness, to which is attached two removable front storage pockets, a removable waist belt, a removable lumbar pack, and a removable memory foam seat. Since not every turkey hunt requires the same amount or type of gear, the Long Spur Deluxe allows the hunter to take only what is required to save weight and to facilitate torso movement when tracking an in-bound gobbler.

The chest pockets are designed to hold a box call or two slate calls, and include five shell loops, two mesh mouth call pockets, and locator call pockets. Wear one pocket or both, depending on your calling needs. The system also comes with a detachable and ventilated diaphragm call holder that can contain up to three mouth calls in separate slots to keep them sorted and dry.

Secured to the pocketed waist belt is lumbar pack with a generous 500 cubic-inch capacity. This pack contains a primary pocket for stowing water, gloves, rain gear, or other essentials plus three exterior pockets to hold small items. The lumbar pack can be used with the shoulder harness or removed completely if not needed for run-and-gun hunting. Similarly, the waist belt and lumbar pack can be removed from the shoulder harness and used as a stand-alone system.

To keep you comfortable for a morning of calling, the Long Spur Deluxe system comes with a detachable seat. This, too, can be used in the shoulder harness/waist belt configuration, the waist belt/lumbar pack-only configuration, or simply leave it behind for the day.

For whatever the hunt requires, the ALPS OutdoorZ Long Spur Deluxe lets you assemble it your way.

ALPS OutdoorZ Long Spur Deluxe Specifications
• Weight: 5 lbs. 2 oz.
• Lumbar bag capacity: 500 in.
• Built-in shotgun shell loops (5 cartridges)
• Integrated game bag in shoulder harness
• Mossy Oak Obsession pattern

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