Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Double

Jeremy with the first bird to kick things off.


We checked in with Josh Fletcher to get the story on the kick-off of his Wisconsin turkey hunting season. Here’s a look back at how his hunt went down.

My hunt started out opening day of the Wisconsin’s “B” turkey season, April 25th. I was hunting with a good friend in central Wisconsin. He was hunting with a shotgun, and I had my bow. At about 8:00am, after trying several spots, we set up a ground blind on a field edge that we saw a tom working the night before.

Shortly after setting up the blind, we had two toms and three hens, one of which was a bearded hen, move through. The toms stayed out at about 100 yards, so we left the blind to do some cutting and running.

At about 11:30am we called in a hot tom and a hen to about 40 yards and Jeremy dropped the hammer on him. With Jeremy tagged out, we decided to head back to the blind set. With the HS Strut decoys set out at about 10 yards we buckled down for the rest of the day to wait them out.

At about 3:00pm we had two hens come out to the field edge. Shortly after, several jakes appeared and made their way in to check out the new plastic intruders.

As the jakes walked right up to the blind, we see the big tail fan of a tom just starting to crest the hill in the field. He soon made his way to the blind at about 15 yards. The jakes decided they wanted to leave the field and head into the woods. When the longbeard acted like he would follow, I decided to take the shot.

I came to full draw and lined up out the far corner of the ground blind. The tom was in a 3/4 strut position with his head down pecking at the ground. With a quartering-to shot, I pinned him at the base of the neck to send the arrow straight through the vitals. With the touch of the release the Black Eagle arrow tipped with NAP Killzone Maxx drove home, sending the big longbeard to the ground.

Wisconsin turkey hunting - Josh-Turkey
Bird #2 for our Wisconsin turkey hunting double.

We ran to the flopping bird to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere, then celebrated with high-fives and hugs over our success. We were tagged out on two great longbeards on opening day of Wisconsin turkey hunting season! Can you ask for any better to kick off the first hunt of the year?

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