Strutting Turkey Hoodie: Would You Wear It?

strutting turkey hoodie
Would you wear this?

If you haven’t already noticed, strutting turkey decoys are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to making things happen in the turkey woods. Particularly decoys designed to allow you to approach the gobbler that you’ve targeted. These strutting decoys enable you to crawl right up to the bird and make the shot. It’s a pretty simple procedure, and one that’s proved very very effective on tough turkeys.

Sure, there has been ample controversy as to the safety and well being of anyone using such a decoy, as well as the ethics behind it. Regardless, the tactic works. But we recently came across a new concept in decoying turkeys. One that allows you to literally become the decoy. Have you seen the Strutting Turkey Hoodie?

We’ve seen hunters wearing a decoy hat that resembles a deer or antelope head, but this is honestly the first we’ve seen of the Strutting Turkey Hoodie. And while we’re really not sure if it’s a joke, or a legitimate piece of gear that was designed for marching right up on a wild turkey, it looks pretty fancy for the turkey hunting enthusiast.

Question is, would you wear it? Would you suit up in a strutting turkey hoodie and go head to head with a longbeard in the wide open? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this hoodie and what you think the response will be from the turkeys that encounter it.

Please remember, wearing/using such a decoy goes against everything we were taught in Hunter Education class. Never use a strutting decoy when there’s a possibility of other hunters in the area.

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