Do Same-Day Ground Blind Sets Work for Turkeys?


The question arises every spring – Do same-day ground blind sets work for turkeys, or do you have to put your blind in ahead of time to get a turkey accustomed to it? Deer hunters know that for best results, you really need to brush a ground blind in and make it disappear when in pursuit of whitetails. However, for turkeys, it’s a different story. Turkeys don’t require the blind to be set up in advance or brushed in. The big, box-like blind doesn’t seem to register as a danger with a turkey’s vision. Same-day ground blind sets? No problem at all. Turkeys will rarely give it a second look.

same-day ground blind sets - kari-beam-mantis
Proof that same-day ground bind sets work just fine. 

Here’s a good example of a same-day ground blind set in action, as Keith Beam of NAP sets up the Mantis ground blind and kills a turkey from it in less than an hour.

Check it out here…


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