Do Same-Day Ground Blind Sets Work for Turkeys?


The question arises every spring – Do same-day ground blind sets work for turkeys, or do you have to put your blind in ahead of time to get a turkey accustomed to it? Deer hunters know that for best results, you really need to brush a ground blind in and make it disappear when in pursuit of whitetails. However, for turkeys, it’s a different story. Turkeys don’t require the blind to be set up in advance or brushed in. The big, box-like blind doesn’t seem to register as a danger with a turkey’s vision. Same-day ground blind sets? No problem at all. Turkeys will rarely give it a second look.

same-day ground blind sets - kari-beam-mantis
Proof that same-day ground bind sets work just fine. 

Here’s a good example of a same-day ground blind set in action, as Keith Beam of NAP sets up the Mantis ground blind and kills a turkey from it in less than an hour.

Check it out here…

A little turkey and dressing

NAP is back at McCrea Outdoors, this time the old man is behind the Swingfire practicing what Brooks and Beamer always said…You don't have to set your blind out in advance to kill longbeards. #NAP #wildoutdoors #swingfire #McCreaoutdoors #Beararchery #Lumenok

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