Bowhunting Missouri Turkeys with Petty

Kent Petty called in a 5-pack of jakes while bowhunting Missouri turkeys this past week. It was a flash hunt that ended about as quick as it started. Here’s a quick recap of his hunt….

Bowhunting Missouri turkeys can often be tough. Sometimes the birds don’t act right, and sometimes they seem to do everything just right. This hunt was one of those quick ones, when everything goes like you hope it will, even with less than favorable weather conditions. The weather was cold and windy. I set up in a permanent blind we have over a winter wheat and rye food plot. I set out the HS Strut jake and hen decoys about 10 yards from the blind.

Birds were hammering on the roost but quickly became silent as they flew down. I called on the HS pot call about every 5 to 10 minutes and finally had a bird answer around 7 am. Around 7:10 I spotted 5 jakes in the neighbor’s bean stubble field. I hit them with a quick call on the slate and all 5 came running. They circled the jake decoy as I drew my bow. One finally separated and presented me with a shot. Whack!!! I hit the blind and the arrow deflected straight down to the ground. The birds didn’t  seem to know what happened and quickly returned to size up my jake decoy. I got another Black Eagle Carnivore loaded and pulled back. One bird gave me a broadside shot. I let an arrow fly and hit the bird just below the wing butt, putting him down, flopping about 20 yard from the decoys. God is good! My family will enjoy a delicious turkey feast He provided.

bowhunting missouri turkeys kent-petty-turkey
Kent Petty with his Missouri turkey.


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