The Best Turkey Hunting Memes

Turkey hunting is a blast.  The thrill of working a gobbling tom into your setup is something rivaled by few other types of hunting.  With that excitement comes a lot of fun, some occasional nervousness and the all too familiar let downs that can happen on any given hunt.  So in the spirit of the Spring we bring you some of the best turkey hunting memes we could gobble up.  Enjoy and be sure to post your own if you’ve got them!

Owl Call Turkey Hunting Meme

It doesn’t always work – but when it does you know you’re in the money!

Farmer unfriended me turkey hunting meme

When it’s time to get after those gobblers, nothing will stand in your way!

Adele turkey hunting meme

For all of your turkey hunting Adele fans out there.  Calling with no response.  You know what we’re talking about.

No gobbling turkey hunting meme

Why you gotta be like that?

Turkey hunting meme

Well that escalated quickly!

Jim Carey turkey gobble meme

There’s nothing quite like the first gobble of the Spring!

Redneck turkey hunter meme

Everyone’s favorite sideburn-having, Mossy Oak shirt-wearing, shotgun-toting redneck hunter is back with the greatest turkey hunting meme of all time.

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