Miscellaneous Turkey Gear

Real Avid Turkey Score Tote

Real Avid Turkey Score Tote

Weigh, measure and carry out your trophy turkey with this ingenious tote. This lightweight, compact and easy-to-use tool scores your tom in seconds. The digital LCD scale weighs loads up to 50 lbs., it’s accurate to 0.2 lbs. and a red light illuminates when the weight is locked in. The 15" nylon ruler measures beards and spurs to within 1/16". When you’re done scoring your bird, the ruler converts into a carry strap and the scale becomes a T-handle for carrying. Automatic-off function. Includes turkey scoring instructions and two CR-2032 batteries. Weight: 3 oz. o Weighs, measures and carries your turkey o Compact, lightweight and easy to use o Digital LCD scale weighs loads up to 50 lbs.

ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent

ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent

If citronella candles and other old-fashioned methods for keeping mosquitoes away just aren’t working for you, fire up the ThermaCELL Portable repellent and enjoy your next outing in bug-free peace. A butane cartridge heats a chemically treated repellent mat that keeps mosquitoes out of a 225-sq.-ft. area for up to 12 hours. Fully cordless and portable and requires no messy wax. Imported.• Mosquito protection for up to 12 hours • Covers 225-sq.-ft. area • Fully portable and works great in treestands

Caldwell® Natural Series Targets

Caldwell® Natural Series Targets

Hone your shot placement or teach new shooters where to aim for a knock-down vitals hit. These life-size, full-color photographic targets reveal the organs and skeletal structure up close, but the detailed view of the vitals fades when seen at a distance for more practical, real-world shooting practice. Each 36"H x 48"W target includes one cardboard backer, two adhesive-backed replacement vitals and two 8" orange sight-in targets. Imported. Per each. Available: Turkey, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Coyote.

EPIC Cam 1080HD POV Camera

EPIC Cam 1080HD Adventure Camera

EPIC expands its line of wearable adventure cameras with their new EPIC 1080. With the ability to record in stunning 1920×1080 High definition, the EPIC 1080 captures all the action of the hunt with sharp, high-resolution video and crisp, clear audio. The 168º wide-angle lens brings true perspective to the video, with the option of five different video resolution settings. The EPIC 1080 also doubles as a still image camera with the ability to shoot 8mp images with an action setting of up to 9 sequential images. External LCD screen displays number of video files in memory, as well as battery life and resolution setting. With multiple mounting devices the EPIC 1080 is ready for any hunting adventure.

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C® Targets

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C® Targets

New turkey silhouette kit includes one corrugated 24" x 25" turkey silhouette target and four 12" x 12" Shoot-N-C self-adhesive replacement turkey heads. • Color explodes on impact • Instant feedback when shooting • Self-adhesive backing • Use for sighting in or patterning

Stealth Cam Sniper Pro

Stealth Cam Sniper Pro

The Sniper Pro is Stealth Cam's first 8.0-megapixel resolution camera. Choose from three photo resolution settings (1.3, 3.0 or 8.0 megapixels). Programmable VGA color video for daytime viewing. Burst Mode™ shoots one to nine images per triggering. Information stamp inscribes time, date, moon phase and temperature on the image and continuous on the video. 32MB built-in memory card. SD memory card slot accepts up to 16GB card (sold separately). Icon-based programming menu setting. Programmable for one to 59 minutes between motion. Low-battery indicator and test-mode light. 50-ft. flash range. Operates on six C batteries (not included). Auxiliary power jack for external 12-volt Battery Kit (sold separately). Fixed PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor). USB and AV output. Includes mounting strap and USB cable.


Haydel's Compensator Owl Call

This is among the easiest, most realistic, reeded owl calls on the market. The innovative Compensator Plug eliminates the need for hand manipulation. And it produces an unbelievable volume that gets the attention of even the most distant toms.


Cass Creek Electronic Game Calls/Training Devices

Master the sounds as you practice with your manual game call, or fine-tune your calling by mimicking these sounds in the field. These 5-call recordings may also be used to lure game in close (check local laws). Easy to operate.


  • LTrue sound recordings with clear and accurate tone, pitch and rhythm
  • LLight and compact for handheld use
  • LSimple pushbutton sound activation
  • LOne-finger selection for close-in calling
  • LDial volume control
  • LQuick playback for teaching
  • LLighted on/off indicator
  • LSure-hold rubberized grip
  • LBelt clip/strap
  • LNatural Bark camo finish
  • LUses 3 AA batteries (not included)


  • Deer - Buck Grunt, Snort/Wheeze, Tending Grunt, Lost Fawn, Rattling Antlers
  • Predator - Jackrabbit Distress, Cottontail Distress, Coyote Howler, Coyote Pup Yips, Fawn Distress
  • Turkey - Cluck, Yelp, Assembly Call, Kee-Kee, Purr
  • Duck - Highball Greeting, Lonesome Hen, Laydown Call, Feeding Call, Comeback Call
  • Goose - Hail Call, Greeting Call, Laydown Call, Feeding Call, Comeback Call
  • Spring Gobbler - Spring Yelp, Purr, Tree Yelp, Flydown, Fighting Purr, Jake Gobble
  • Predator II - Woodpecker Wail, Raccoon Pups, Kitten Distress, Gray Fox Pup, Rodent Squal
  • Crow - MacDaddy, Crow Distress, Crow/Owl Fight, Crow Frenzy, Hawk Attack

Bass Pro Shops® Turkey Gold 28-Quart Electric Indoor Cooker

Runs on convenient electric power and uses a stainless steel heating element for easy cleaning. Aluminum frying basket is equipped with a handy draining clip and bailing handle. Features a glass lid with cool-grip handle, adjustable thermostat with safety shut-off, illuminated on/off switch, heavy-duty lifting hook, ready-to-cook light, EZ drain valve, timer, and breakaway power cord. 28-quart capacity.


Hunter Dan® Turkey Hunter Action Sportsman Figure

Help your future outdoorsman create his or her own turkey hunting adventures with this Hunter Dan Turkey Hunter Action Sportsman Figure. Outfitted with the necessary hunting gear, including shotgun, binoculars, decoys and more, this turkey hunter is ready for the field! Pose him in different stances for a variety of hunting scenarios.


  • Mossy Oak® Break-Up shirt and pants
  • Authentic ROCKY® hunting boots
  • Remington® 11/87 shotgun
  • Turkey hunting vest w/padded seat
  • M.A.D. "Hammer" Box Call
  • Outlaw® silhouette decoys w/ mesh bag
  • Binoculars

King Outdoors Beard Trophy Mount

This solid-oak mounting kit from King Outdoors offers a unique way to preserve the memories of that big gobbler you're going to bag this spring. The Beard Trophy Mount kit has room to display three beards. It includes three molded beard caps with decorative screws, solid-oak plaque, natural preservatives, instructions and hanging hardware. Per each.


Hunter's Specialties® H.S. Strut® Turkey Target Kit

Find your gun's maximum effective range for turkey season. Pattern your gun before the season with this realistic 11"x11" full-color target that replicates a turkey at 30 yards. Use in series as follows: Start at 30­-35 yds., fire one shot, back off another 5 yds. Repeat until your shot pattern no longer puts 5 hits in the "kill zone." You've now reached your maximum effective range! Instructions included on target. Lines for you to note shot information included on page as well. 12 pack.


  • Realistic full color 11" x 11" target
  • Instructions on target for determining your gun's maximum effective range
  • Lines included on target for noting yardage, shot size, ammo, and more
  • Image replicates turkey at 30 yards
  • 12 to a pack

McKenzie® Natra-Look™ Series 3-D Strutting Turkey Target

The original 3-D targets that add exciting realism to hunting practice and tournament competition. They combine lifelike dimensions and detail with great durability. That's why they're the target of choice for the International Bowhunters Organization (IBO), National Field Archery Associations (NFAA), Archery Shooters Association (ASA), Buckmasters™, and hundreds of clubs and ranges.

High-tech flexible foam surrounds a specially formulated PowerCore midsection insert that greatly extends target life and has excellent stopping power on aluminum and carbon shafts tipped with field points or broadheads. Replaceable PowerCore midsection with center scoring--IBO approved; 12 ring can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new target to greatly extend target life. Targets include 2 ground/anchor support stakes.


TruGlo® Tru-Point™ Turkey Sight

The TruGlo® Tru-Point™ Turkey Sight has an extremely low-profile with contrasting fiber colors in front and rear. SLIDE-LOK™ Mounting System that secures sight to vent rib shotgun without screws, tape or magnets! Rear sight adjusts for windage. All-metal construction.


Van Dyke's Lifelike Turkey Tail Kit

The easy and attractive way to mount your trophy gobbler. These do-it-yourself kits will accept any turkey fan mount and beard and are individually hand-painted for exceptional artistic style and natural realism. Includes hanger. The easy and attractive way to mount your trophy gobbler. These do-it-yourself kits will accept any turkey fan mount and beard and are individually hand-painted for exceptional artistic style and natural realism. Includes hanger. Reproduction gobbler head and breast are individually hand-painted for exceptional artistic style and natural realism. Includes large tail holder, painted turkey head with eyes, painted turkey breast, preservative and hardware.


CamoVision™ Eyewear

In the animal kingdom, eye contact signals intent and triggers a response. Your eyes will never give you away when you're wearing a pair of Camo Vision glasses. They use a wraparound camo design with an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare, yet still lets you see clearly. The lens material is UV-protected tough polycarbonate that meets government standards for impact resistance. The comfortable, durable lightweight frames are plastic. They also have a non-slip nose piece.


H.S. Gun Rest

The Realtree® All Purpose Green™ foam pad straps around your knee, providing a place to put your gun while you're waiting for a shot and when your using a turkey call. Also doubles as a comfortable, steady rest to set your high-powered rifle when making a long-range shot. Adjustable elastic strap releases quickly.


  • Keeps your gun ready for a shot
  • Frees your hands for using a call
  • Also great as a rifle rest
  • Lightweight, easy to adjust


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