Friction Calls

Primos® JACKPOT™ with Slate Turkey Call

Primos® JACKPOT™ with Slate Turkey Call

There's no mistaking the quality of this slate call. It's made with a custom wooden pot and a select Pennsylvania slate surface. Includes a custom Lucky™ Striker and a conditioning kit.

Command the Wild Commando Interchangeable Friction Pot Turkey Call

Command the Wild Commando Interchangeable Friction Pot Turkey Call

Four calls in one to bring the toms running. The Commando gives you both a glass and a slate lid. Both lids can be used with or without the removable patent pending Metallic Echo Chamber. This chamber makes either call effective at great distances, furthering the range of your calling. Cut from fine Pennsylvania slate, the smooth cut slate call will give you the traditional clucks, purrs, and yelps. Mix in the high, raspy range of the glass call and get ready to shoot. A waterproof solid hickory striker gives you confidence in this call, no matter what weather you find yourself hunting in. Echo chamber is powder coated to stand up to the elements.


  • Smooth cut Pennsylvania slate call
  • Smooth glass call
  • Removable metallic echo chamber - extends the range of the call
  • Calls and chamber are interchangeable - four call combinations in one call
  • Waterproof solid hickory striker
  • Echo chamber and call frames features powder coated finish
  • Totally waterproof performance
Quaker Boy Triple Threat 3-in-1 Slate/Aluminum/Glass Friction Turkey Call

Quaker Boy Triple Threat 3-in-1 Slate/Aluminum/Glass Friction Turkey Call

Take every call you need in the woods with you in just one call. Talk about versatile! With the Triple Threat, you can make all the sounds you need to bring in that tough gobbler! Its unique design includes 3 calling surfaces. The slate call produces soft and mellow sounds. The aluminum call provides the high-frequency calls. The green plexiglass provides super-soft clucks, purrs and tree calls. A complete turkey call! Comes with a weatherproof carbon striker and a plexiglass striker.


  • Three calls in one
  • Slate calls for soft, mellow calls
  • Aluminum call for higher frequency calls
  • Green plexiglass call for super-soft calls
  • Comes with a weatherproof carbon striker and a plexiglass striker
WoodHaven Custom Calls™ Slate Friction Turkey Call

WoodHaven Custom Calls™ Slate Friction Turkey Call

WoodHaven Custom Calls™

These calls are not for the average hunter. Simply the best for the best. No hype, no gimmicks—just simple, time-tested turkey calls! Quality is dictated by quantity. As quantity gets out of balance, quality suffers. WoodHaven Custom Calls will not allow that to happen! As quality will always control quantity, they will only build as many calls as maximum quality will allow. Simple, isn’t it?

WoodHaven Friction Calls

Masterfully crafted wood-cup calls, hand tuned and matched with the perfect strikers to produce ultra-rich sound. Walnut cup contains slate calling surface. Call comes with 2 strikers for a variety of sounds from one surface. Comes with Surface Saver™ lid to protect calling surface in between hunts.


  • Hand tuned wood cup call
  • Slate calling surface
  • Comes with two strikers for calling variety
  • Includes Surface Saver lid to protect calling surface
H.S. Strut Slate Witch Turkey Call Combo

H.S. Strut Slate Witch Turkey Call Combo

The volume and high-pitched resonance of the Slate Witch Turkey Call casts a spell of doom on even the most wary of gobblers. Crafted of all-weather slate laid in a pot of composite wood, the natural look helps keep hunters concealed. Slate Witch comes with a camo pouch, rosewood striker and "The Master" striker to produce irresistible tones and variances.


  • Amazing volume and high-pitched resonance
  • Produce irresistible tones and variances
  • All-weather slate laid in a pot of composite wood
  • Comes with a camo pouch

Flextone Untouchable Series Friction Calls

Flextone Untouchable Series Friction Calls

The unique pot design, made from walnut, fits fingertips perfectly. The loud, pure turkey sounds produced by these calls will scream through even the windiest of days and will cover hundreds of yards. Darker color maintains concealment in the field. Made in USA. Available: Scarface Glass, Scarface Slate.

Knight & Hale White Liar

Knight & Hale White Liar™ (Wooden) Friction Turkey Call

Upgrade to one of the most innovative slate calls on the market. Its custom-blended, Knight & Hale-exclusive Corian® surface excels in all conditions – wet and dry. Convex crown-style shape allows the striker to stay in contact with the surface longer, producing a consistent, realistic tonal quality. Plus, its wood pot delivers sweet sounds even the most cautious gobblers will want to investigate. Includes a birch Power Tip striker. o Corian surface excels in all conditions – wet and dry o Convex design produces realistic sounds o Birch Power Tip striker included

Primos® Power Crystal™ Turkey Call

Primos® Power Crystal™ Turkey Call

This is Primos' top high-pitched, friction call. The Power Crystal's super-hard surface easily peaks at 15,000Hz, thanks to the crystal surface and the acoustics of the pot's internal soundboard. The hard crystal glass creates loud, long-range, high-pitched turkey sounds. It comes with a hardwood striker.

Brothers in Arms Game Calls Feather Spreader

Brothers in Arms Game Calls: Feather Spreader

"The Feather Spreader" Double-Sided slate call is one of a kind! This call creates the same purrs, cuts, yelps, and various other hen sounds on both sides of the call. This call's sound mimics so close to that of a true hen that it will have those gobbler's "spreading their feathers" all around you! It includes a "never seen before" new and advanced weather proof striker, wood striker and a sanding pad.

Raspy Old Hen

H.S. STRUT® Raspy Old Hen Glass Wild Turkey Call

The Raspy Old Hen glass turkey call offers hunters a great sounding call at an affordable price. The Raspy Old Hen allows hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud excited cutting. It has a custom molded pan for outstanding consistency. It includes a carbon striker and the Raspy Old Hen Premium Flex™ diaphragm call, which features two reeds with a double split top reed for extra rasp and volume.

Down N Dirty Soul Crusher Friction Call

Down n Dirty Outdoors Soul Crusher Glass – Turkey Friction Call

We handcraft each of our friction pot calls and hand match the striker for a superior turkey sound. All calls are 100% made in the USA. Take another old classic and mix in a new pot design by the D-N-D boys, and you have a time tested turkey call with a new attitude. This glass call is set in a custom, laser engraved walnut pot with a laser engraved Cherry soundboard. Add in a hand matched Purple Heart striker, and you get one of the best looking, best sounding turkey calls on the market today

Beard Buster Slate Call Pouch

Beard Buster Slate Call Pouch

The ultimate in silent, secure storage for your slate call and strikers. It's padded with foam for protection and has elastic side panels that expand to make room for an extra slate. Pocket flap closes with a cord lock for fast, quiet access. Firmly holds three strikers. Fits on any belt.


  • Silent, secure storage for slate calls and strikers
  • Silent cord-lock closure on pocket flap
  • Fits on any belt
Cody® Turkey Calls

Cody® Turkey Calls

These friction calls are designed, built and tested by turkey hunting experts. Each call is made by a skilled craftsman with more than 30 years of turkey hunting experience. Wooden pot.


  • Glass
  • Slate


Cheyenne, WY
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