Push Button Calls

RedHead® RTX Push Button Turkey Box Call

RedHead® RTX Push Button Turkey Box Call

Taking turkey call realism to the extremes! Our new line of RedHead Team Extreme (RTX) calls combines the RedHead Pro Staff's years of experience, competition calling, and just plain turkey "know-how" with the finest materials and craftsmanship in the business. Each RTX call is built to the strict specifications of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team, to produce the turkey calling sounds that the most discriminating hunter demands. If you've been looking to move up to a higher-quality call, look no further than the new RTX line from RedHead!

Combines great-looking, hand-selected purpleheart and butternut with American craftsmanship to take the timeless simplicity of push button calls to the next level. Easy to use with a simple-to-adjust spring tension sound board and built-in hickory striker to create the hen sounds that you've been searching for. Simple, one-handed, one-finger operation. Made in USA.

Knight & Hale® Game Calls Tom Coffin Push-Pull Turkey Call

Knight & Hale® Game Calls Tom Coffin Push-Pull Turkey Call

Adjustable volume and tone control lets you create a variety of turkey sounds to match your specific hunting situation. Equipped with a unique silencer switch to keep the call silent until you put it to use. Easy to use ergonomic design for one-handed operation.

Knight & Hale Witchy Woman Push/Pull

Knight & Hale Witchy Woman Push Button Call

easy-to-use call even beginners can operate with ease. The walnut box produces realistic hen sounds with minimal hand movement. Great for locating toms and bringing them in those last few yards. Made in USA.



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