Diaphragm Calls

The Legends Four Diaphragm Combo Pack by H.S. Strut

The Legends Four Diaphragm Combo Pack by H.S. Strut

Hunter’s Specialties® offers turkey hunters four great diaphragm calls along with a DVD featuring hunts by the Pro Staff in the Legends Four Diaphragm Combo Pack. The new combo pack contains four Premium Flex™ Infinity Latex® diaphragm calls. Included are the Deep Cut, a four reed cutter-style call, the Tech 3, with a split top reed for crisp cutts and high- pitched raspy yelping, the Power V, a four reed split V style for the ultimate in raspy calling and the Li’l Strut, a three reed style with an angled and split top reed for more rasp. Infinity Latex is the most durable and consistent latex available and doesn’t require a break-in period like most diaphragm calls. The tape used in the calls is water resistant providing a call that will sound great through a whole season of calling. The Legends Four DVD contains a compilation of some the Pro Staff members’ favorite video hunts. Phillip Vanderpool, Matt Morrett, Rick White and Eddie Salter take viewers along on 12 memorable hunts that show why turkey hunting is still one of America’s favorite sports.


Knight & Hale Loud MouthKnight & Hale Loud Mouth Series

Knight & Hale has created another high quality call designed for a specific group of hunters. The Loud Mouth Series of calls are designed for the hunter with a slightly larger palate. Calling with a properly sized call is much more effective. This call of custom-blended latex is more water-resistant and retains its tone longer.

Primos Hook Hunter Calls

Primos Hook Hunter Series Diaphragm Calls

Convincing, realistic pitches that even the wisest old gobblers can't resist! The premium, hand-cut reeds are custom designed by the pros at Primos, with a combined 100+ years of gobbler hunting experience.

H.S. Strut® Aluminum Frame Diaphragm Turkey Call - E-Z Cutter V

H.S. Strut® Aluminum Frame Diaphragm Turkey Call - E-Z Cutter V

Made to the same high standards as the H.S. Strut Premium Flex line, these calls feature an aluminum frame. The Aluminum Frame line of calls produce all the authentic tones of a turkey, from the yelps of an old boss hen to raspy, seductive cackles. These calls utilize H.S. Strut's new Infinity Latex for reeds that require less air pressure to run, giving hunters more realistic sounds. Both the tape and latex in the Premium Flex calls are moisture resistant for longer life. Top quality latex and tape with H.S. Strut's high manufacturing standards for consistent thickness and reed stretch ensure you get the best diaphragm calls ever produced. The E-Z Cutter V features three prophylactic reeds with V cut.


  • New Infinity Latex - requires less air pressure
  • More realistic sound
  • Moisture-resistant for longer life
  • High manufacturing standards for unmatched sound
WoodHaven Custom Calls Top 3 Pro Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls

WoodHaven Custom Calls Top 3 Pro Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls

This pack includes three of the more popular calls. Easy to use, they are durable and raspy.


  • The super-raspy Classic V3 has two clear reeds and one top green reed with a V-cut.
  • The masterful Hornet is a two-reed call with a unique yellow reed that gets better with age.
  • The Scorpion has an innovative V-cut with a half-moon shape cut out of one side. It produces higher tones and kee-kees combined with the raspiness of the Classic V3.
Knight & Hale UHT Spit'n Image 3 - Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls

Knight & Hale UHT Spit'n Image 3 - Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls

The UHT Spit'n Image 3 Pack has a Double Cutter that's perfect for loud and raspy yelps and excited cutts and cackles. The Triple Cutter creates a wide range of pitches and tones for all-around calling. The Double Trouble produces super-realistic natural-sounding yelps, clucks and cutts.


Excited Hen

Brothers in Arms Game Calls: Excited Hen

: The “Excited Hen” 3 reed “V” cut pattern call is made from high quality latex. This call gives you the ability to be both aggressive and soft with your calling. The “Excited Hen” can produce that high ball rasp of an excited hen, and those soft putts and purrs needed to bring that gobbler running! A Brothers in Arms favorite!

Quaker Boy Mini Mag

Quaker Boy Mini Mag 4 Pack

These calls have a new smaller frame design that will allow them to seal on even the narrowest palates. These calls are great startes for kids or adults and are incredibly easy to blow. The Mini Mag series of calls can produce professional quality sounds and includes easy-to-control: Double, Triple, V-Cut and Old Boss Hen calls.

Down n Dirty

Down N Dirty Outdoors KYH5N1 Diaphragm Call

The first in the line of DND’s new Killin’ Krew Series, Which is a line of diaphragm turkey calls developed by DND’s calling team members and Pro Staff, comes the KYH5N1. Designed by Killin’ Krew member and Champion Caller Jeff Noel, this little 2 reed with a modified Ghost Cut will do it all. Powerful raspy yelps, you got it. Cuts and cackles with the big dogs, Kee Kees like a dream, and will finish with any call on the market. To put it in Jeff’s words, “this is the deadliest thing to hit turkeys since the bird flu.”


deadly double

Maestro Game Calls Deadly Double Diaphragm Call

The Deadly Double mouth call is a solid double reed design that has been a favorite for both beginners and seasoned hunters. It is one of the easier calls to learn on. The tone is clear, deep and very attractive.


Hen in Heat

Maestro Game Calls Hen in Heat Diaphragm Call

The split double design on the Hen in Heat offers a sound that all toms want to hear. This mouth call produces all of the calls, from raspy old hen yelps to the sweet sounded clucks and purrs of a contented hen. This call will lure even the wariest of gobblers in.

Knight & Hale® Four Aces™ Diaphragm Turkey Call Set

Knight & Hale® Four Aces™ Diaphragm Turkey Call Set

Make sure you are holding four aces the next time you head to the woods in search of your next big tom! The Knight & Hale Four Aces™ Diaphragm Turkey Call Set combines four of the best calls Knight & Hale makes. The set includes Walter Parrott's Championship Cutter (3.5 reeds), David Hale's Advanced Split "V" (3.5 reeds), Harold Knight's Magic Moon Cutter (4 reeds) and Chuck Jones' Killer "V" III (3 reeds). Each of these premium calls has the exclusive Knight and Hale™ uniform thickness latex for the best volume and tone control possible. Moisture resistant.


  • Four premium Knight & Hale diaphragm calls
  • Walter Parrott's 3.5 reed Championship Cutter
  • David Hale's 3.5 reed Split "V"
  • Harold Knight's 4 reed Moon Cutter
  • Chuck Jones' 3 reed Killer "V"
  • Special Knight and Hale uniform thickness latex - top volume and tone control
Team Primos Will Primos Diaphragm Call

Team Primos Will Primos Diaphragm Call

One latex reed and two super-thin prophylactic reeds with a tuning fork cut in the top reed. Includes two reed separators.



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